It's easy to get involved! You are involved just by reading this. 

The ways you can directly help us are:

  1. Donate directly through our website.
  2. Text ASTRA to 24365
  3. Donate your time by applying to be a volunteer! 
  4. Want to donate a product or service from your company? Message us at

However, you can help further our mission by: 

  1. Telling people about our apps 
  2. Learning about mental illness and about LGBTQ+ safety in the US
  3. Researching about data harvesting / data collection to learn more about how it disproportionately affects marginalized communities 
  4. Reading up about cybersecurity infrastructure and how vulnerable current software is. 
  5. Write to us! Send us an email at, or write a review for us on the App Store telling us what we're doing wrong or right. 
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