Astra is a gen-z powered 501(c)3 non-profit software development company. What we do is use software to solve problems faced by marginalized communities. Since we’re a non-profit, we can provide software to people who need it for free.

Basically, this means we are young people who are upset at the way software has been harming people. Because of that, we're building software to help people, and removing the harmful practices that can be present in technology to increase profit. 

Since our generation grew up with the rise of Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and more, we've seen how practices like data harvesting can lead to bad things happening within the world. 

So we remove those practices, and we make software for people that are mostly ignored, because their situation isn't profitable. And we provide it for free. 

In addition to software, we provide education and support through our social media channels, and are working to expand our mission of helping the intersection of technology and marginalized communities. 

We're trying to be technology for good, with no strings attached. 

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