Short answer: No. 

Long answer: As much as we want to, people tend to ask us to be their own personal developers and do the work of contractors for free. Even then, we do not provide the services of a for-profit development company. 

Making software for other people is not part of our mission, and it would be wrong to our donors and supporters by taking their support for our current apps and putting it into a project or app they know nothing about, and may not support. 

The cost and time of making an app is around 3-4 months, and costs about $30,000 in labor and other expenses. 

That's a huge expense that we can't afford to take out of our budget for anyone, no matter how great their idea is.  

It is also VERY ILLEGAL for us to do. In order for us to continue operating with a tax-exempt status, the IRS says that we cannot  "further non-exempt purposes (such as purposes that benefit private interests) more than insubstantially". Apps for other private individuals can count as non-exempt purposes. 

Basically, we lose a lot more than we could ever gain from doing this. It distracts us from our mission, costs us lots of money from donors who do not approve of their money being used for this purpose, could put us in trouble with the government, and even more. 

 Although we wish we could, we do not build apps for anyone but ourselves. 

If you have a feature that could make our existing apps better, please send it our way! 

However, if you do want us to build you an app, please know that the answer will be no. 

We recommend that you seek out our friends at Elasoft (who built this website!) and wish you the best of luck on your development journey! 

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